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Team Member Positions

Teams are comprised of 4 members — Skip, Vice, Second and Lead. Each member of the team has different responsibilities.

Skip — responsible for directing the play during the game. Also to contact all team members about game times and related matters.

Vice — holds the broom when the Skip throws their rocks, sweeps for second and lead rocks

Second — throws rock # 3 and 4, sweeps for lead, vice and skip rocks 

Lead — throws rock # 1 and 2, sweeps for second, vice and skip rocks

Rules of Curling

The rules for curling are posted on a bulletin board in the downstairs lounge. They are also available on the Ontario Curling Association (OCA) website www.ontcurl.com.


Etiquette is the courtesy and sportsmanship that you show your teammates and your opponents so that everyone can enjoy the game. Curling is a sport whose rulebook begins with a Code of Ethics and a Code of Fair Play. It's all about sportsmanship. Sportsmanlike behaviour is expected both on and off the ice. This includes modesty in victory and composure in defeat. More information on curling etiquette is available here.

What to wear — Equipment needed

Wear warm, loose clothing and gloves to keep your hands warm. Proper footwear is particularly important both for the comfort and safety of the curler and for the protection of the ice surface. It is advisable to wear special curling shoes; however, indoor running shoes are permitted. Clean soles on your shoes, are a must. Shoes worn outside should never be worn on the ice. Grit tracked on to the ice surface from outside drives our Ice Technicians wild, and can negatively affect our otherwise clean ice surface — a MUST for a curling rink. For more information, please see Clean Ice.

Curling Instruction

If there is sufficient interest Curling Clinics may be held at the beginning of the season and at other times during the year. These clinics will cover such things as sweeping techniques, the curling delivery, rules, etiquette and strategy. In order to meet the needs of all skill levels of curling, clinics will be offered separately for novice curlers, experienced curlers, and stick curlers. Watch the sign up boards at the Club to register.

League Fees

Each league will charge a nominal fee to cover costs of things such as prizes, and trophies etc.

Placing you on a team

Teams are made up by the league convener except in a Team Entry league. It is the Skip's responsibility to contact all team players as to game times. The skip will call you to introduce him/herself.

How to find someone to play for you if you cannot attend

Try to find someone (a spare) to play in your place. A list of registered "spares" — members who will fill in but are not normally on the team —with their phone numbers will be attached to the schedule and team list you will be given for your league(s). These lists for each respective league will also be posted on the bulletin boards. Remember that curling member's phone numbers are also listed in the Club Roster. Please refer to the complete Spare Policy on this site for more information. Another way to find spares is to use the "Find Spares" option on the "Our Leagues" section of the website.

Being on the "spares" list is a great way to meet other curlers on a variety of different teams. If you can't curl/commit to a full draw, then maybe you could put your name on the spares list.

Game times

A curling game (8 ends) should take a maximum of 2 hours to play. Game times are scheduled to allow our Ice Technicians 15 minutes in which to prepare the ice between games. Therefore it is very important that games start and finish on time. You should arrive at the club in sufficient time prior to your scheduled game time to change into your curling gear, stretch and perhaps throw a few practice shots. Please be ready to start your game ON TIME.

After the game

This is the best part! Curling is a truly social game! After the game, it is customary to join your team and opposition to socialize, rehash the game and meet new friends. In most leagues, it is appropriate for the winning team to purchase a celebratory drink for the losing team. If a second round of celebrations is required, it is then the losing team's responsibility to do the buying. Announcements by league conveners are often made during this post game ritual.


Before the qame:

During the game:

After the game:


Our website contains lots of information about the club including listings of special events, fees, etc. There are member only areas on the site. Once logged in you can access (and print) a club roster or used the Member Directory option. Both are available under the 'Members' menu selection.


E.C.C. would be pleased to welcome your friends as new members. So don't hesitate to bring your friends and family to enjoy the facilities at E.C.C. Why not think of hosting a family event which includes curling?? Or you might like to bring your fellow colleagues from your business to the club for a day of curling. Please contact our Club Manager, John Norton @ 292-5200 and he would be pleased to assist with all the planning.


Our Pro Shop offers a selection of gloves, grippers, sliders, curling shoes, brooms, etc. Also available for order are crested club jackets and curling pants, all of which you can see in the display case at the front entrance.

Please contact our Club Manager, John Norton @ 292-5200 to arrange an appointment.


Membership fees are to be paid in full at the time of registration.


Ladies Inter-Club  - Laura Toms

These matches take you to other clubs to participate in fun games, with other women. Sign up sheet is in the Ladies change room or call Laura for more details.

Ladies Leads & Seconds - Judy Schramayr

This is great for new curlers. It gives you a chance for more curling and to curl with other new curlers at different clubs. Call Judy for more information.

Senior Men's Inter-Club - Reg Sinclair

Gives you a chance to get some extra curling in and go to different clubs. Sign up on the sheets posted for each match on the Senior's bulletin board. For more information contact Reg Sinclair.

How to sign up for Bonspiels

A bonspiel is a fun day, normally resulting in prizes awarded at the end. You usually play two 8 end games or three 6 end games with lunch and/or dinner included in the cost. Most bonspiels you don't need a team, just sign up your name and you will be put on a team. The sign up sheet will be posted on the back bulletin board, which will let you know if it is a Men's, Ladies or Mixed bonspiel. More bonspiel information is available here.

How to Rent a Locker

$25.00 for the year

Ladies — sign up sheet in change room, find an empty locker, supply your own lock, pay with membership or give fee to John Norton, Club Manager.

Men - find an empty locker, supply your own lock, pay with membership or give fee to John Norton, Club Manager.

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FREE — for first year curlers

See John Norton, Club Manager, to order.

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