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Tuesdays at 7:00 PM

Conveners: Tara Welbourn and Ben Todd Freeman

Doubles is growing at a fast pace, possibly because it is now an Olympic sport, but probably especially because it is a lot of fun and brings an opportunity for new curling strategies to our sport. The game normally takes only about an hour-and-a-bit to complete, which also means players have a shorter time commitment – it fits busy schedules better. 

Doubles rules are listed below. The Schedule and team lists are available here or by selecting the "member info" tab above. 



1.    Each team is comprised of two players.


2.    Scoring is the same as a regular game of curling.


3.    Each game will be eight ends.


4.    Each team shall deliver five stones per end.  The player delivering the team’s first stone of the end will also deliver the last stone of the end.  The other team member will deliver the second, third, and fourth stones for that end.


5.    The player delivering the first stone can change from end to end.


6.    While the team is in the process of delivery, the non-delivering player may either hold the broom or be in a position to sweep at the delivering end.  After delivery, either or both players may sweep the delivered stone and any stones set in motion that belong to their team anywhere in front of the teeline.  Only one player may sweep behind the teeline.


7.    No stone in play, including positioned stones and stones in the house, can be removed from play prior to the fourth stone of the end being thrown.


8.    Prior to the start of each end, the team with the choice shall place their team’s stationary stone, and their opponent’s stationary stone, in either position “A” or “B”:


Position “A” – placed bisecting the centre line, midway between the hog line and the front of the house


Position “B” – placed bisecting the centre line and the back edge of the stone is in alignment with the back edge of the four foot


9.    If the team with the choice placed their stone in Position “A”, they shall deliver first stones in the end.


10. The team not scoring in the previous end, shall have the choice in the next end.  If the end is blanked, the choice shall change to the team that delivered first in the blanked end.

11. Power Play – once per game, each team with last stone has the option to place the stones in a “power play” position.  The in-house stone will be placed with  the back edge of the stone on the teeline, splitting the 8-foot and 12-foot rings.  The guard will be positioned in a direct line between the middle of the in-house stone and the middle of the hack.  The guard position will be at the same distance from the rings as the normal position of the centre guard.


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