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Wed Open Team Entry

Wed Open Team Entry

This is a Team Entry league that will curl each Wednesday at 6:30 PM and at 8:45 PM for the 2017 / 2018 season (excluding Dec 27).  This league is primarily for team entry but those signing up as individuals will be assigned to teams if there are available spaces. We will do our best to accommodate everyone including new curlers who want to play in our league.  

Your conveners are Mike and Lucie Richardson. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming season and all the best to each team.

Schedule is available here.


Bridgenorth Home HardwareBridgenorth Home Hardware

  Bridgenorth Home Hardware

Wednesday Night Curling



SCHEDULE:      With eleven teams, the regular season will be 20 games playing each team twice. This schedule will begin Oct 18 and end on Mar 7 followed by 2 weeks of playoffs. There will be no curling on Dec 28. The playoff format has not yet been determined. The schedule is available here.

MISCELLANEOUS FEE: Wednesday league collects $20.00 from each player for awards, Christmas and year-end snacks.

SPONSORSHIP: The league is once again sponsored by BRIDGENORTH HOME HARDWARE (Manager: Lee Gynane), whose donation combines with the $20.00 league fee to cover awards and other expenses. Please support Bridgenorth Home Hardware with your patronage. It is helpful for both the Club and Home Hardware to indicate that you are an Ennismore curler when you purchase items there so the Hardware knows their support is worthwhile.

SPARES: a copy of the Club’s SPARE POLICY is available here.  Please make yourself aware of the Club’s policy.

During the regular season, spares can play any position. In the playoffs, a single spare must play lead; if two spares are used, they must throw lead and second in playoffs.For any match, a team must have a minimum of two regular players or a forfeit is declared. In the case of missing players, please do your utmost to secure spares so that a game can be played and members of the club do not miss a match their registration fees have paid for. Forfeiting teams receive no points; non-forfeiting eams receive 3 points for win. A match left unplayed receives no points; that is, a decision to forgo playing cannot result in two points for each team as though a tie has occurred.

GAME  TIME AND DURATION:  With an eleven team league and 4 sheets of ice there will be one late game (8:45 pm) scheduled each week. If ice is available and BOTH teams agree this game could be played at 7:00 pm on Tuesday. It is the responsibility of the teams involved to ensure that ice is available if they wish to play at this time. Wednesday early games begin at 6:30 pm. Please be on the ice ready to throw the first rock by 6:30 pm. No end shall start after 8:20 pm. Please endeavour to keep the game moving so that all eight ends can be completed.


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