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Select the membership type first by checking on the approproiate round checkbox. If there is a box below the round checkbox you have selected that contains "Select a membership fee opton" please click on the box and select one of the options available.  If registering for a membership type that also has league selections please check all the square checkboxes for the leagues in which you wish to play. Please show all team member names for choose your own leagues, each team member must submit their own form. Not on a team? Write "assign" for the other team members.

League Curling

General Membership

Monday Senior Mixed, 10:00 am and 1:00 pm (alternating draws)

Monday Men's Team Entry, 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm (alternating draws)

Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Tuesday Day Ladies, 12:50 pm

Doubles, Tuesday 7:00 pm

Player One: ** 
Player Two: ** 

Wednesday Open Team Entry, 6:50 pm and 9:00 pm (alternating draws)

Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Thursday Senior Mixed, 10:00 am and 1:00 pm (alternating draws)

Thursday Mixed, 6:50 pm (2 draws if necessary)

Friday Competitive Team Entry, Friday 10:00 am

Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Friday Mixed (Curl & Dine), 4:00 pm

Friday Night Rock (mixed),  Friday 7:00 PM


New Curler Instructional League ($100)

Instructional League, Sunday 1:00 pm


After School Student League Only 

After School Student League


Junior members playing in a junior league. Age 19 or younger.

Junior League, Sunday afternoons (special league price, $60.00)

Special Membership Options

Spare only

Administrator (not curling)

Parachute - Members representing ECC in competitions but not participating in club leagues.

Additional Registration Options

Locker - $25

Registration Discount Options

$50 discount for adult/student curler joining ECC for the first time.

Discount for new member recruitment ($50.00)
(only if member signs up for a second year)
Enter name of new member below in the "Profile / Other Information" section.

Discount for recruitment of 2 members (if they join again the following year)

Discount for recruitment of 3 members (if they join again the following year)

Profile / Other Information:

New Member Name (for discount)   

Registration Accuracy Confirmation: **

I hereby confirm that the information I have entered on this form is correct and true.

I also understand that ALL club members are required to perform at least 4 (four) hours of volunteer service at a bonspiel throughout the curling season. This is over & above any extra volunteering that you may do. 

ALL FEES ARE PAYABLE, IN FULL, BY OCTOBER 14, 2017. Payment can be made at Registration Night, or by mail to the club (cheque payable to "Ennismore Curling Club", mail to 555 Ennis Road, Ennismore, ON K0L 1T0).

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